Monday, February 2, 2009

One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure

One third of this blog’s followers to date (OK, one of three followers … we’re just getting off the ground) commented on the DMA’s Web Page regarding pending state-by-state Do Not Mail legislation – including recently introduced legislation in Connecticut, New Jersey and California .

The DMA is obviously fighting such legislation. And I’d suggest proactively keeping abreast of the situation in particular states, although it does appear bills highlighted address consumer mail vs b2b. Stay tuned...

However – let’s make this a call to action to be proactive and continue to strive to ensure offline communications is targeted, specific and relevant. As is the case with effective email communications, for example, now would be the time to explore internal methodologies for developing and maintaining offline opt-in lists. "Spray and pray" (a phrase I detest) is behind us; as much as we can move towards delivering messaging which is germane to the recipient (i.e. include relevant content or drive-to-Web for relevant content in print communications), the less we will be faced with the “junk mail” label.

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