Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome to the Jungle ...

For some reason, when thinking of a title for this first blog entry, this Guns 'n Roses classic popped into my head. Maybe a reflection of the current business environment ... maybe testimony to the effectiveness of the "So you think you know Guns 'n Roses" icon on the sidebar of my Facebook...

In any case, a quick introductory post to The Event Marketing Insider: having been in the event marketing arena for well over a decade, I'd like to utilize this blog as a way to share - and discuss - my thoughts, tips, strategies and experiences on both a strategic and tactical level. I encourage you to subscribe, follow, and interact to make this as lively a blog as possible.

Whether you are an event marketing newbie or an old pro- one thing to realize ... and appreciate ... is that event marketing is a unique undertaking - a frantically fast-paced endeavor in multi-tasking products in various stages of their promotional cycle. And a consistently competitive drive to beat goals and past performance. I intend and hope to have this blog get you there. Enjoy!

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