Friday, May 8, 2009

For All the Peeps:

While the intent of this blog is not to sell or push products by any stretch of the imagination, I've recently signed up and posted my profile on, a Red7 Media property. [In the interest of transparency, yes, a couple of former colleagues work for Red7 and no, this post is not connected to those relationships in any way...]. Having spent some time on the site, I would recommend taking the time to create a membership and participate in their online community.

I don't recommend this site as a specific resource for the Event Marketing professional - as its not. The one thing that surprises me slightly is the bredth of the membership on EventPeeps, given the marketing bent of some of the Red7 content, including The Event Marketing Institute and Event Marketer magazine. Instead, I would recommend the site as a strong cross-functional (and cross-organizational) community-based portal; I've cited the need for this type of collaboration in the industry. This site is a good source for this functionality specifically.

The setup is very similar to other social media networks - specifically a mix of LinkedIn and Facebook: a mix of contacts, groups, discussions, and profiles. The beauty of it, of course, is that it is targeted to the Events industry; with 6000+ members you don't need to sift through the enormity of a LinkedIn; EventPeeps groups are also much more targeted than those you find on LinkedIn, both in content and in membership. (EventPeeps also has a dediacated LinkedIn Group which, ironically enough, with over 8000 members is larger than the actual membership.) The site also offers discussion forums, blogs, apps, pictures, videos and a job board (which links to In short, EventPeeps offers an array of features well worth participating in.

The one element lacking - at this point - is a robust membership base. Doing a quick search, I only found a half dozen people "peeps" from my last two jobs currently registered as members, and have found many more Events professionals from these companies on LinkedIn. This of course is not a reflection of EventPeeps itself; rather it indicates a need for the community to grow ... which it should over time.

A positive, again, is the bredth of the membership - from marketing agencies to internal events teams to AV companies, includes a great potential of people to learn from and share with.

So again I'd encourage all to explore and - if it fits your needs - join the community - not to replace LinkedIn, but to augement your network exposure and provide you a targeted community of peers.

Good luck!


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